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A selection of photographs from current NIXUS projects for the UK military. These projects include:

  • NIXUS PRO heavy duty rapid deployment tents for personnel accommodation and various other uses (20 m2 to 72 m2 floor area per tent),
  • NIXUS PRO X SYSTEM – 4 room plus interconnecting module as a rapidly deployable field command post (180 m2 to 330 m2 floor area),
  • Aluminium roofed building using modified ISO containers for walls and storage as a deployable gym (430m2 floor area plus containers),
  • Inflatable roofed building also using modified ISO containers for walls and storage as a rapidly deployable multi use large span building,
  • NIXUS RIBS large span building on trial for a number of uses including a rapidly deployable field command post, a fighting vehicle maintenance workshop and other unspecified uses.

Nixus rapid deployment shelters are proving themselves with both UK and other EU military forces due to their rugged construction, rapid deployment time and extreme weather resistance. We are currently developing a number of other project for a wide range of both military and humanitarian aid projects. Please contact us to see what we can offer to meet your rapid deployment shelter requirements.