NIXUS RIBS – A wide span inflatable building that meets any requirement for a large working space, e.g. a command post, field maintenance hanger, workshop, materials storage, etc.

The support structure of the RIBS uses heavy duty pneumatic tubes pressurized to 4 to 8 bar when the tent is erected. Each supporting beam consists of 3 tubes making the tent rigid and resistant to strong winds and temperature fluctuations. This unique structure enables NIXUS RIBS to offer spans of up to 12m.

NIXUS PRO – A modular general purpose inflatable shelter utilising heavy duty pneumatic support tubes inflated to high pressure for strength and stability.

The PRO tent gets its strength and stability from the high pressure support tubes which make the structure rigid and give good resistance to strong wind and snow loads as well as wide temperature fluctuations. The PRO is suitable for general or long term use, e.g. a decontamination unit, base camp, field hospital, refugee camp, etc.

NIXUS ERA – A space efficient inflatable tent utilising a high pressure support beams to give a rigid and stable all weather structure.

The ERA is the only high pressure inflatable tent with near vertical sidewalls which give better internal space efficiency. The design is also modular enabling multi-room structures of varying layouts to be created.

NIXUS PGK General Purpose Military Tent

NIXUS PGK – A modular inflatable tent utilising low pressure beams, designed for general use and available in a range of sizes.

The PGK inflatable tent can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and its modular design allows for combining units to make larger or multi room setups. It is ideal for many uses including: emergency relief shelter, mission HQ, personnel accommodation, materials storage, base camp, mobile hospital, etc.

NIXUS LITE – A lightweight modular pneumatic tent utilising low pressure beams and a single inflation point for the quickest possible setup time.

The LITE is a high quality modular inflatable tent for every budget. Although designed as a budget product this tent offers high quality, easy-of-use, rapid set-up, and is suitable for a very wide range of purposes. The whole tent can be packed into the wheeled trolley bag (supplied) which fits into any size vehicle boot for ease of transportation making it ideal for emergency use, training, roadshows, events, etc.

ECOS Expandable Container Shelter by Nixus

NIXUS ECOS – A very large rapid deployment shelter that uses a standard 20′ or 40′ shipping container modified by removing one, or both, of the sides and replacing them with frames that open outwards like large doors. Once opened out these frames form the walls of the expanded structure and also provide support for the roof. The resulting building has both the container interior space and two large open plan rooms, one on each side of the container, totalling up to 300m2 floor area

Nixus STRETCH Elastic Canopy

NIXUS STRETCH – Erected in minutes, the STRETCH Elastic Canopy creates shade and water protection for people or materials and covers an area of up to 300 sqm per canopy. It is ideal for both military and emergency rescue uses such as hiding/protecting vehicles or personnel, materials storage, covering a field kitchen/canteen or maintenance area, etc.

Nixus QUICK Pop-up Tent for multiple applications where set-up speed and budget are prime factors

NIXUS QUICK – A heavy duty aluminium frame pop-up tent that folds, or unfolds quickly taking just a few minutes to erect. The whole roof canopy and side walls can be fully printed with branding for promotional purposes, or printed with any signage as required.

Highly reflective canopies and side walls are available for emergency applications. Multiple QUICK pop-up tents can be connected together when a bigger surface area needs to be covered. QUICK is a truly cost effective solution for many applications.