(An inflatable roof mounted between ISO Containers)

The NIXUS ISO Container Roof is designed to provide shelter between two or three ISO Containers enabling a wide variety of uses including:

  • Sheltered loading bay
  • Heavy goods vehicle garage
  • Helicopter maintenance
  • General workshop
  • Covered storage area
  • Military field gym, etc.

The resulting structure can provide sheltered space up to 12m wide and 20 or 40 feet long, i.e. the length of standard ISO containers. Even longer spaces are possible by having two rows of linked ISO Containers bridged by NIXUS ISO Container Roofs.

The principal advantage of the NIXUS ISO Container Roof is the speed of setup when compared with erecting a metal framed structure between a pair of ISO containers. Once the inflatable tubes are connected to the containers by use of their quick release fixings, the tubes are inflated lifting the roof into position.

  • 20 or 40 foot in length to match standard ISO Containers

  • Designed for fast deployment with minimum labour

  • Different configurations possible to suit specific requirements

  • Extreme weather resistance, suitable for very cold, desert and tropical conditions

  • High pressure (4 – 6 bar) 6″ seamless pneumatic tubes provide a strong stable roof

  • Sealed tubes – inflate once and leave standing indefinately

Ideal for either military, humanitarian aid or rescue use, the NIXUS ISO Container Roof is a high durability, extreme weather solution, with many options enabling configuration to suit your exact requirements.

NIXUS PRO X Command Post with 4 x 6.1m x 6.1m modules plus central unit
NIXUS PRO X Command Post - 6m
NIXUS PRO X Command Post - Inside View
NIXUS PRO X Command Post - 3 x 6.1m PRO Modules plus ISO Container


(Design & Configuration)

Nixus PRO SI Military Tent
NIXUS PRO ST Heavy Duty Military Tent
Nixus PRO SH Military Tent
Nixus PRO SH Military Tents configured with central hub


1 ISO Containers
2 Anchors
3 Main Beams
4 Canopy
5 Spacers
6 Anti-slip PVC Floor
7 Gable Wall
8 Half-moon Wall
9 Door, RSD or Gate