(Based on 20′ or 40′ Freight Container)

The NIXUS ECOS patented solution uses a standard 20′ or 40′ shipping container modified by removing one, or both, of the sides and replacing them with frames that open outwards like large doors. Once opened out these frames form the walls of the expanded structure and also provide support for the roof. The resulting building has both the container interior space and two large open plan rooms, one on each side of the container, totalling up to 300m2 floor area!

While the container itself can be used as a communication corridor, the large rooms formed on either side may be utilised for many different functions, e.g. for personnel accommodation, as a field hospital, a briefing room, a canteen, a warehouse, a workshop, etc.

The roof of ECOS the shelter is based on the NIXUS RIBS system and uses rigid high pressure inflatable beams to span the expanded floor area and support the membrane roof. The floor is made of heavy duty, anti-slip PVC coated fabric fixed to the walls around the perimeter thereby creating a waterproof (and insect proof) barrier.

The opening frames, which become the walls of the expanded structure, may be covered with either PVC coated fabric or with lightweight solid panels. Windows, evacuation doors, electrical installation and even water distribution may be integrated into the side walls, if specified. Electrical and IT systems, air conditioning units, floor tiles and even furniture may be transported directly within the ECOS container as one compact unit.

The installation time for a typical ECOS shelter complex, from the moment of truck stop to completion of the shelter build with floor and roof in place, is typically less than four hours for two trained persons.

NIXUS ECOS is a modular system so it is possible to add other ECOS units in either direction, i.e. by connecting freight containers on the ends, or by connecting one expanded hall to another. It is also compatible with NIXUS PRO shelters which can be connected via tunnels, creating a complex modular infrastructure.

NIXUS ECOS is a hybrid rapid deployment shelter system, for medium or long term use, with many possible applications.

  • ECOS Expandable Shelters may be based on either 20′ or 40′ shipping containers

  • Designed for rapid deployment with minimum labour, typically under 4 hrs with 2 people

  • ECOS Shelters expand outwards from either one or both sides of the shipping container

  • An ECOS expandable shelter based on a 40′ shipping container gives a floor area of up to 300m2!
  • Modular design enables multiple configurations of ECOS units to make a group of buildings

Expandable Container Shelter - ECOS



ECOS Model Width m Width Ft Length m Length Ft Height m Height Ft
NX-ECOS-20-1 8.1 m 26′ 6″ 6.1 m 20′ 4.2 m 13′ 9″
NX-ECOS-20-2 13.8 m 45′ 3″ 6.1 m 20′ 4.2 m 13′ 9″
NX-ECOS-40-2 26.0 m 85′ 3″ 12.2 m 40′ 5.0 m 16′ 5″
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